Saving you time.
Saving you money.
Moving you forward. 

Through future-focused mediation, we help families make the necessary and sometimes very difficult decisions required when a relationship ends. 

Laying the groundwork for collaborative, respectful resolutions.

Divorces in the Past

    • Made generalized assumptions about what was best for the children.
    • Assumed lawyers were needed to “fight” for you.
    • Cost a lot of money and damaged relationships.
    • Emphasized fault and compensation.

The Modern Divorce

    • Mediation can better assist partners to financially plan for separate homes and financial independence.
    • Children need to maintain a healthy relationship with both parents.
    • Some needs change over time – plans should leave room to consider changes in the future.
    • The best plans are made in collaboration with other professionals (including lawyers) as required to ensure sound decisions are being made, but you can and should be in control of the decisions you are making.
    • Ongoing exposure to conflict is the biggest predictor of how children will cope with your divorce.

Modern Divorce remains open for business.  The health of our clients, staff and colleagues is our top priority.  We have taken steps to ensure we will be able to carry out our work for you under changing circumstances.  Our services can occur via phone, email and video messaging – or in person as necessary and appropriate.  Please discuss your needs with us to create a suitable plan for your situation.

In person service protocol:

  • Our building is locked to monitor access
  • Waiting room area is temporarily removed
  • Remain in your vehicle and text upon arrival
  • We will meet you at the door and conduct a brief screening
  • Masks are mandatory in all common areas
  • Do not attend in person services if you have travelled outside Canada in the past 14 days, have cold or flu symptoms or feel otherwise unwell, have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive or you if are awaiting results of a Covid 19 test.

Services are carried out via telephone, emails and virtual meeting platforms

Potential Benefits

    • Reduces the time and potential cost to access services as no transportation is required
    • Reduces the need for childcare (provided you can participate from a private area where children cannot hear)
    • Can reduce the negative emotions that may be triggered by physically interacting with the other party
    • Provides participant greater control over their environment
    • Services are not disrupted by travel or relocation of parties
    • Useful in cases of intimate partner violence where safety concerns are present
    • Allows for social distancing

Potential Drawbacks

    • Potential for reduced or misunderstood communication as some body language may be removed
    • Less personal nature may reduce commitment to mutually beneficial settlement
    • Distractions in the environment
    • Technology issues
    • Confidentiality & security of information may be reduced

I just wanted to say thank you for holding the space and giving both Rob and I the information and perspectives we need to move forward. I appreciate you being able to keep us focused on the big picture and the realities that we are both facing.

Also you have an excellent sense of humour.
”  – AO

Our Team

15 years experience dedicated solely to the practice of mediation with families experiencing separation and/or divorce.

Susan Dedeluk, B.Sc, RFM

Susan is a Registered Family Mediator who is passionate about helping families move forward in the best (and least combative) way possible.

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Calgary based mediator offering concierge services

Beth Thompson, BSW, RSW, RFM​

Beth is passionate about educating, enriching and empowering the people she serves by facilitating cost effective resolutions that reflect each parties’ goals and concerns.

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Our values


Our philosopy

Parents and partners are much better equipped to make decisions about their family and financial future than a judge.

Money should stay in the family and be used to gain financial stability for the future, not be spent on litigation and fighting.

Even the most difficult decisions can be negotiated with the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable mediator, which may or may not include individual consultation with lawyers.

Children need to be allowed to continue the business of being children, without ever being stuck in the middle of their parents' conflict.