Through future-focused mediation, we help families make the necessary and sometimes very difficult decisions required when a relationship ends.

Divorces in the Past

  • Made generalized assumptions about what was best for the children.
  • Assumed lawyers were needed to “fight” for you.
  • Cost a lot of money and damaged relationships.
  • Emphasized fault and compensation.

The Modern Divorce

  • Mediation can better assist partners to financially plan for separate homes and financial independence.
  • Children need to maintain a healthy relationship with both parents.
  • Some needs change over time – plans should leave room to consider changes in the future.
  • The best plans are made in collaboration with other professionals (including lawyers) as required to ensure sound decisions are being made, but you can and should be in control of the decisions you are making.
  • Ongoing exposure to conflict is the biggest predictor of how children will cope with your divorce.

Our Philosophy

  • Parents and partners are much better equipped to make decisions about their family and financial future than a judge.
  • Money should stay in the family and be used to gain financial stability for the future, not be spent on litigation and fighting.
  • Even the most difficult decisions can be negotiated with the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable mediator, which may or may not include individual consultation with lawyers.
  • Children need to be allowed to continue the business of being children, without ever being stuck in the middle of their parents’ conflict.

WHY CHOOSE US? • 15 years experience dedicated solely to the practice of mediation with families experiencing separation and/or divorce.
• Well-developed skills in assisting families resolve their most difficult issues.