Important Decisions to Consider

There are many significant decisions that you have to make when a relationship ends. These decisions fall into three categories: children, property, and the costs of supporting two households.

These are significant questions and may take some time to answer and negotiate. Working through the answers to these questions with your spouse is the foundation of an equitable and respectful separation or divorce.

    • Who will make the decisions for and about the children?
    • Where will the children live?
    • When will the children see each parent?
    • Who pays child support?
    • How is child support calculated?

    • How do we divide what we own?
    • How do we divide what we owe?
    • Do all assets and debts have to be divided?
    • What is everything worth?
    • What’s “fair”?
    • What does everyone need?

    • Is spousal support appropriate or necessary?
    • How long is spousal support paid?
    • How much are spousal support payments?
    • What happens to spousal support if one of us gets remarried?
    • Can spousal support be paid in one lump sum?