How much and how long?

Choosing the right process will make this highly emotional situation more comfortable and effective for everyone involved.
Now that you have some knowledge of the processes you can compare the time and financial investment to help you finalize your decision.

Please be aware that this information is not exact, and is not meant to be a quote of time or cost – it is merely a guide, based on our experience. How much your separation or divorce will cost you, how long it will take, and the amount of lawyer involvement is based on your personal situation.

+ Kitchen Table

How long? 2–4 weeks
Lawyers? Not necessarily. At the end, should you wish to make your agreement legally binding.

+ Mediation

How long? 2–3 months
Lawyers? At the end, to review your agreement and make it legally binding, and/or to consult with during mediation and/or to attend mediation, if desired.

+ Collaborative Law

How long? 3–6 months
Lawyers? Throughout the process.

+ Traditional Law

How long? 6–12 months
Lawyers? Throughout the process.

+ Adversarial Law

How long? 18–63 months
Lawyers? Throughout the process.